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FanVsFan, The Fan Broadcast Network breaks down the traditional barriers of fan journalism and transforms the fan and blogger into a competitive FanCaster. Sign up, take action and get in the game to win.

FanVsFan allows fans, bloggers and athletes to debate sports via their webcam and become part of the FanVsFan debate show. Top debate challenges and their FanCasters may be selected for a FanBowl where one can win prizes including a trip on the Ultimate Tailgate Machine (UTM). On the UTM you will broadcast live from the FanVsFan game day Ultimate Tailgate Machine. On FanVsFan you can read and write articles, submit your blog for aggregation, drive traffic to your blog, create a show and watch videos. Compete, Broadcast, Win! See How To Score.

We feature thousands of sports websites and blogs, and pit blogger against blogger and fan against fan so you'll get the news, rumors and the most controversial sports topics in an entertaining and engaging manner. We make it easier to follow your favorite teams, talk smack, get noticed and submit links to interesting articles found elsewhere on the web.

You don't need your own sports blog to join the discussion on FanVsFan. All you need is an opinion and the desire to win. But if you do have your own blog, join the FanVsFan Blog Network. We will promote your site, increase your traffic, and put money in your pocket. Sign up, take action, win prizes, get paid and get in the game.

The Fan Broadcast Network


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