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Fayetteville Eye Doctor Offers Free Eye Surgery To Refs

McDonald Eye Associates in Fayetteville, Arkansas is offering free laser eye surgery to “any on-field or booth official” who worked last week’s Auburn-Arkansas game.

According to the company’s release: “The officiating of the game, which Auburn won 65-43 has come under much scrutiny among Arkansas fans because of the two controversial calls that went against the Razorbacks.  Both plays directly led to Auburn touchdowns.”

“Errors and incorrect calls from the game could have possibly been avoided with better vision.”

Nice.  And I’m starting to come around.  If not for those two bad calls, Arkansas wouldn’t have given up the other 51 that ultimately doomed them.

Dang refs.  Stealing games.

(Brilliant move the company, by the way.  It’s gesture is sure to be copied across the SEC by other laser surgery practices who wish to gain free advertising by taking advantage of a condition known as sore-loser-itis.)

UPDATE — The link should be working now. 

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