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Mizzou Site Reports MU To SEC Is Dead After Slive Works For Mega-Deal

The folks at — the Rivals site covering Missouri — are reporting behind their paywall that according to a source at Texas A&M, Missouri will no be getting an formal or informal invitation from the SEC any longer.

Also, the site states:

“The SEC talked to (Oklahoma president) David Boren late last night about the possibility of MU, OU, and OSU going to the SEC.  That was rebuffed.  OU is staying in the Big 12.”

We’ll follow Mike Slive’s lead not step on any toes.  If you want to read more, you’ll have to buy a subscription to

You can choose to believe or not believe the claim above.  There are reasons that claim make sense… and reasons why it doesn’t…

Doesn’t:  Slive has been awfully careful not to appear to call any schools and the SEC has sure seemed spooked by Kenneth Starr and Baylor so far.

Does:  The SEC spoke with OU when the Big 12 almost blew up last year.  A&M and OU would be a great, big-name, splashy move on the part of the league.

Doesn’t:  Our sources have told us repeatedly that the SEC — now that A&M has coaxed it into expanding to 13 teams — wants a 14th team and that is all.  The SEC does not want 16 schools unless the whole landscape shfts.

Does:  It looks like the whole landscape me indeed be shifting.  And wrapping up three new states, multiple new TV markets and some good schools and athletic programs would be a strong, wise move.

Doesn’t:  But Slive and the SEC do not want to be blamed for the collapse of an entire league.  Grabbing Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Missouri would nuke the Big 12 just as it appears to be healing (again).

Does:  We have been told that SEC officials were not happy with the very loud leak that was sprung in Columbia yesterday.  The SEC conducts its business stealthily.  Missouri obviously cannot (especially considering last year’s nonsense with the Big Ten).

Got all that?

So believe what you will.  This thing could still play out in a million different ways.

If we had to bet, we think the SEC is currently looking at a 13-school set-up for the foreseeable future… unless the league and FSU decide to do what’s right by both parties and wed.


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As a mizzou fan I would love to join the SEC. Great football, the best stadiums, and great fans. I have to say everytime I have visited the south the people I have met are the most respectful (maybe except for saints fans) I have ever met. Mizzou would need to step up their program to compete with the SEC football teams but I think we are up to the challange.

First, I'm going to second what FightTigers and atl14dat have said: this is one of the most civilized and respectful boards I've seen in quite a while, and I can't wait for the day that there's a gold Missouri tile on the top banner of this site. I just hope that MU is listening to where the money really comes from. I don't remember where it was reported first, but I'm sure that many of ya'll remember that Mizzou was in the middle of a $150M fundraising campaign before all these doomsday scenarios started floating around, right? Well, if the boosters are calling for a change as loud as Dan Devine's step-son is:

"Then there’s Drew Carver, a Missouri booster in Phoenix who’s married to the daughter of Dan Devine, the late and great Missouri football coach of the 1960s. “We’re going major,” Carver said. “This is my prediction. SEC all the way, baby!”

Read more:

Tiger brass would be dumber than a box of jayhawks to smite those who build your stadiums and plush offices.

I look forward to an announcement Thursday that Mizzou is considering alternatives to its current conference affiliation, followed by news in a week or two that they have decided to leave the Big 12.

If they do this, will the sec not deal with more legal issues from Ken Starr? I just don't understand why we would even send them an invite. After all the mess from Baylor on A&M. We can always wait on FSU or VT. If we can't get them, WVU will always come to the SEC on the drop of a dime.

agreed Jamie. I think there will always be options for the SEC to take programs of the WVU / Mizzou level

I hope SEC holds out for FSU and uses these other schools as fallbacks if we cant land the big fish in the next couple of years

I wouldn't hold your breath

Big XII is gonna try to save the league once again, and I think Mizzou uses it as a chance to keep waiting on that Big Ten offer they desperately want so much

If OU leaves and the league falls apart, Mizzou will consider the SEC, but if no, I dont see Mizzou going all A&M and leaving anyway

Good to hear your thoughts Tiger, I agree that this board is a good forum for excahne of thoughts/opinions without coming under a withering horde of attacks.

Kudos to John.

Just wanted to say first off that this is one of the few boards that I have seen with logical, respectful arguments. Almost every single other one is just a list of attacks on this school or that school. So, good work everyone.

As far as the expansion a Mizzou student and diehard fan I would not be surprised if Mizzou stays in the Big12, especially if OU/OSU commit. That said, I am almost 100% in favor of a move to SEC for the prestige, equality, culture, and long term benefits. I think we will basically follow whatever OU does--if they leave, we leave; if they stay, we stay--especially if Deaton stays in charge. I think it is high time that we step out from under the shadow of OU and UT and make an individual splash. We are a good enough program to do what is best for us, not follow the leader all the time. If we want to establish ourselves as a legit contender, we need to step up to this challenge (if the SEC really did offer). I can say that most of the MU faithful really want this move a lot, and while there will be a steep learning curve if we do join, we would be more than happy to be in the SEC.

This report really doesn't make a lot of sense. One on hand they say Mizzou will no longer get an invite and on the other it says that Slive wants OU and OSU? That doesn't fit. If Slive is pursuing OU and OSU, and I believe he should, then who would the 16th team be? FSU? That doesn't really make much sense. If you are going to blow up the Big 12 then all 3 of those teams are the logical targets. Otherwise you stick with Mizzou at this point if FSU is a no go.

I really don't get this.

Either way I agree that Slive and company must have been pissed at the leak yesterday.


I think their source was saying the Missouri would only get in now if OU and OSU tagged along and took the thing to 16 which wasn't going to happen.

We thought the report was pretty weak, as well... which is why we tried to show you could spin it in about 6 different directions.

Thanks for reading,

I hope that Mizzou accepts what may be an invitation from the SEC......It would be one of THE BEST THING for both the SEC and Missouri....

Mizzou would be wise to jump to the SEC right now, as any contracts signed going forward with the Big 12 will entail huge exit fees...

John, Wouldn't it make sense that OU was in fact "rebuffed" by Texas, when trying to get into the Big 12? I would think, if not for the Longhorn network, that OU & Okie State may be well on their way to the Pac 12 now. Why would they not be taking a good look at the SEC, at this point (without the hindrance brought on by Texas & its' deal with ESPN)?

OU must absolutely despise Texas right now... in fact. is there anyone who doesn't despise Texas right now?

They've screwed so many moves up for so many people, its almost hard to see any conference wanting to get involved with UT

OU sealed their fate with the "4 team move" they should have talked to the Pac 12 about OU & Okie St only and not included Texas at all

That's exactly what was happening. OU pres Boren had, according to several reputable OK media sources, an "agreement in principle" TWO WEEKS AGO from Scott of the P12. That agreement was OU and OSU to the P12, with no conditions about Texas. That's why Boren acted with such force in the last few days, that's why the regents empowered him to cut a deal - and only THEN did the P12 back off after they couldn't negotiate with Texas. In short, the Pac 12's Scott lied to Boren's face about an OU/OSU package deal, leaving Boren looking foolish and Oklahoma completely hamstrung. The key realization is that Scott wanted Texas, saw OU as leverage, and strung them along in the hopes they could get it. When they realize UT was going to make ridiculous demands about revenue, P12 bailed on all of it.

David W

I know I'm in the Minority but I believe Long term Missouri is the Much better play for SEC.

Far better than Florida State. To me FSU brings a good football program but very little else in adding value to the Conference in the long run.


FSU brings a huge brand name that would be great for television negotiations. It could be argued that Nebraska -- no longer an AAU member -- brought only a good football program to the Big Ten. But the ever-picky Big Ten grabbed 'em up in a second.

FSU is the best available chip on the board. If they would leave the ACC and if the SEC would take them and if the SEC would be willing to raid the ACC.

Thanks for reading the site,

Watch your show every Sunday John and I rarely disagree but this is the time. I believe TV Execs talking contracts would be far more impressed with adding the "St Louis and KC markets' as opposed to Tallahassee.

I can't think of any singular reason CBS would pony up extra monies to have FSU in the fold.. They already have numbers through the roof in that state.

As for the Big Ten analogy, Apples and oranges IMO. Big Ten is already a heavy presence in big media markets. makes the outlook different IMO.

Thanks for all your efforts on the site.

Enjoy it greatly.


As someone who's worked for CBS affiliates, traveled the country for CBS marketing conventions and done a couple of days work at Black Rock in New York, I can tell you that this isn't about Tallahassee. (And I've also talked to a top-level sports exec at NBC/Comcast and a VP at one of the nation's leading media rights holders about this topic.)

Missouri would move meters in the state of Missouri. We're fine with that and pushed it last year.

Florida State would move meters in markets across the country. They are a national draw. That's the difference. This isn't about adding a few markets in the case of FSU... it's about adding a national brand.


I agree

You are in the Minority

Also from Gary Pinkel on an interview this morning.

"We have now lost our 3rd member. It's sad. Is the conference is going to stay together? It could change again next week. We have problems in our league and we don't solve them. We don't fix the issues and it is not a whole lot of fun being a part of it."

Hard to be more blunt than that.

doesn't sound like he's leaving though... just that he is stuck in a depressing situation

Missouri isn't going anywhere, they are gonna stick with the Big XII as long as OU does, live with the issues for a few more seasons and desperately hope the Big Ten comes calling eventually

IMO Mizzou will do anything they can to buy time so they can pray for that Big Ten invite that will never come

FWIW....Mike Kelly, long-time play-by-play broadcaster for Mizzou, was just on St. Louis radio and said specifically that after tomorrow's Board meeting, Chancellor Brady Deaton may no longer be in position to make the decisions for Mizzou and conference affiliation.

It is becoming clear that the masses, including the major donors, are heavily in favor of a move to the SEC.

oh yeah I would surely bet the house on a play by play broadcaster. God you folks are unbelievable.

The SEC might very well prefer to stop at 14 than 16, but if a condition for taking Oklahoma is to take Oklahoma St along with them, then I would think they would be more than happy to throw Missouri into the mix as well and go to 16. It might not be at the top of their wish list, but it would be better than Missouri alone or WVU alone. I'm sure they'd prefer just Oklahoma or just FSU or just VT, but at least at the moment, it looks like those might not be viable options. Of course, if the source is to be believed, then this 16-team option isn't viable either. Of all the even remotely possible options I've heard thrown around (apart from telling A&M no thanks and staying at 12), this one seems to be the best.

Blue In Green

For Mizzou fans, this may be relevant in the coming days, weeks, months or years:

From Mike Kelly's interview earlier today on the Barnhart & Durham Show (790 The Zone)

"After tomorrows meeting Deaton may no longer be in position to make the decisions for Mizzou and conference affiliation".

Are the Curators getting antsy?

Very interesting. this is off a Mizzou board.

If the SEC is angry at Mizzou for leaking anything (even though the KC Star's source was a flimsy anonymous booster) wouldn't they be equally angry at A&M for leaking this A&M/OU/oSu/Mizzou offer? That part doesn't make sense John?


That's why we threw out six totally different views on the whole situation. There's no way to tell what's going to happen at this point. The story reads differently to everyone who views it.

I don't think the SEC nuked Mizzou over a leak. But our sources tell us the SEC office was upset with yesterday's story.


Can't imagine how upset they were with A&M then, as that move was leaked all over the place a few months ago.

Also, there was absolutely nothing "leaked" last year regarding the Big 10 and Mizzou. There wasn't even anything to leak.

That is what I am hearing too, that the boosters and athletic department is trying to get out of that conference. Believe me, they want to get out of there and they didnt cancel the BOC meeting either, so that offers with MU might still be there.

Mizzou had to go through their board of curators to grant Tier 1 and Tier 2 revenue to the conference.

Haven't read the article on PowerMizzou, but from a Mizzou fan perspective I believe that a large majority of the fanbase is not happy at all with the way our Chancellor Brady Deaton made himself the face of the push to keep the Big 12 intact. The big, big money boosters are clamoring for SEC it appears, and hopefully our administration works up the courage to fight for what's best for our University. More importantly, the Big 12 would absolutely survive at 8 if Missouri left the conference, and would most likely avoid legal action from the other teams in the league in that case. Baylor's whole lawsuit was based around the fact that it looked like the Big 12 was imploding, with nowhere for them to go.

How INTERESTING this will be..........

To add to this post, other insiders on PowerMizzou - guys that have been dead on with info in the past - have said that the SEC's informal offer to Mizzou is absolutely still in place. The large majority of big donors are pushing for a move, as is the athletic department (led by Gary Pinkel), but Chancellor Brady Deaton is a bit hesitant and feels staying in the Big 12 may be the best move. Tomorrow morning's emergency Board of Curators meeting will be very telling.

Who knows what to believe at this point.

If Deaton is really trying to keep the Big 12 together, we might have identified our leak.

It's impossible to be on both sides of the fence at the same time.

well, seems like a lot of these Big XII teams have gotten pretty good at fence riding and playing both sides to try to gain an advantage

who knows what will happen next


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