Fox Bet review

FOX Bet is the landmark agreement result between the stars group the online gambling operator and the popular media FOX sports. This deal between these two companies was announced in May 2019, and this is a hint of what people can watch on the US betting market of sports. The FOX Bet Sportsbook had its official launch date is in the August month of 2019, but it was live before that and in the US, it was in August 2018 when the name of this sportsbook was BetStars.

This very rebranding comes with some changes and a new shine of resources, as it spreads in the sports betting market-based in the US. As it’s paired with the Stars group, and this well-known brand name gives better advertising opportunities and coverage for media. This strong combination with FOX sports makes the betting sportsbook a popular one in the betting market in the US.

Basics of FOX Bet Sportsbook

The eligibility: The players have to be 21 years to open the account, and you do not have to be the resident of the US, as you can register from anywhere. The withdrawal and deposit can be from any place but you have to place the bet while you are in the US.

The registration: This process is simple and quick, you just have to follow some steps, like fill up the blanks of username, password, email and then you have to agree to the terms. After this you will land on another procedure of registration, where you have to answer some personal details, like name, date of birth, your social security number, and phone number. These will identify and make your profile as a customer.

Options for betting: After you open the account you will find almost all the options for betting. This is because the FOX Bet does not offer teaser bets, but provides a range of alternative lines on player props and standard total bets as well. Offers from FOX sportsbook such as,

  • Custom bets
  • Futures, which are long-term ones such as NBA Rookie and Super Bowl winner of the year.
  • Live InGame bets
  • Total bets, that are half time, under and over the totals
  • Parlays up to 20 legs
  • Prop bets which are team, player and scoring props

Device availability

The FOX Bet Sportsbook is available to all who have a good internet connection or a data plan. The navigation system in the browser for FOX Bet is easy and it becomes compatible with any device you want to play in.

However, the people who like to play on their tablets and smartphone, they look for an easy APP system. For that FOX Bet has an app for both iOS and Android operators.

FoxBet Apple app: For Apple users, they can download the app from the App store and this gives a better playing option than Android users.

FoxBet Android app: If you have Android access you can download the app from Google play store. You can also download the app from FOX Bet, just have to click on the button, View FOX Bet’. After the task is complete you have to ensure that your device accepts the installation and from other sources, otherwise, it won’t get installed properly.

FOX Bet Sportsbook app features

  • It’s available in iOS and Android both
  • The app loads quickly, but sometimes gets disconnected after download or has some lag in the speed. So, it’s better to reload the app.
  • The layout and the color scheme are perfect, and the look of the app is better than any other sports betting sites app.
  • After sign in you will get all the bet boosts, with all the available games. You will get a Live InGame and a home button here.
  • Also, betslip doesn’t appear when you add a bet, but you will get notified with a flag sign. This makes things easier when you want to put parlays together without closing the betslip, and frees up some space in the app.
  • The app responses are quick and efficient. Players will not find any issue with every touch. The buttons are big for the user facility.

The 2020 bonus code of FOX Bet sports

There are very few sports betting sites out there who offer some good promo codes like the FOX Bet Sportsbook. Every new player here will get $20 in their account. These funds have no strings attached to them, also free and clear to the bettor as well.

Other than this offer, FOX Bet is going for matching each first deposit like dollar for dollar and this is valid up to $100. Players can reserve $100 on the game site, and FOX Bet will distribute an equal amount to their accounts. These bonus funds come from the requirement of the games, and this a standard thing for matches based on deposits. Although, FOX Bet requires a 1x play, which is very easy to manage than any other deposit game site.

Other promotions

Some other promos are quite similar to the $20. Also, most of them are odd boosts, every boost is branded after one of the well-known commentators of FOX sports like Colin Cowherd and so on. Players will also get free bets, here if the bet doesn’t win you the player will get a free credit for the bet.

New Jersey and Pennsylvania are two markets in the US where FOX Bet is available. Both markets in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are quite similar, but there are some differences like the side of the Delaware river you are betting from.

Some main differences

According to the laws of the state of New Jersey, you will get no betting on college games, which includes the colleges in New Jersey, or any event that takes place in the state. This thing is not very applicable in Pennsylvania.

Another variation in this is New Jersey has a total nine banking option for the betting while Pennsylvania has only 6. This is because this state is new to the market.

Loyalty program of FOX Bet

All the loyal players will be rewarded in the Stars Rewards program. The betting company operates a system that offers lucrative rewards to loyal players.

Every chest system is regarding the level of game of each player, and they are sequential. This is based on the bettors level of activity, and the bar of progress fills towards the next chest listed.


If you complete the progress bar you will get to open a chest and each casket has a random amount of prize.

Future markets of FOX Bet

In the year 2019, the Stars group was a part of the 20-year market-access deal with Penn National, which gave FOX Bet an entrance to the betting market of the US, and made sports bet as the new source of revenue. For now, the focus is on Indiana, where the Fall game will be live.

Some pros and cons of FOX Bet Sportsbook


  • User friendly design
  • Several events to choose from
  • Various recurrent promotions available


  • Game pricing is mediocre
  • The limits of deposits are strict
  • There are no two player props or teasers

Bottom Line

There is no retail sportsbook with FOX Bet, but it can be expected the moment Mount Airy Casino opens live sports bets and this will be powered by the FOX Bet Sportsbook. Every state that comes with sports betting allows FOX Bet to have some impact not only online but on live sportsbooks as well.